Inga Veselova: Investment Myths regarding Startups

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Velvet spoke to Inga Veselova, Managing Director of Velvet Investment, and she busted some startup myths that business owners should be aware of when looking for investment opportunities for the first time.  Inga was set on becoming an international horse rider When Inga was in high school, she had a one-track mind. She wanted to […]

Investment vs Bootstrapping: What Is Best for Your Startup

Starting a new business, developing your idea, and looking for product-market fit makes for an exciting time that presents many potential avenues and lots of choices to be made. Getting funding for your startup is no different. It is no secret that starting a business requires a fair bit of funds and obtaining said funds […]

Building Trust With Investors: Honesty, Still The Best Policy

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An open and honest discussion with your investors about what is happening with your startup is a good start to a trusting and lasting relationship. While most people worry that telling investors about what happens behind closed doors might breed doubt about the company’s capabilities – or worse, have them withdraw their investment – there […]

3 Things to Consider When Looking For Venture Capital Funding

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It is the best feeling in the world when it finally starts to come together: all of your business plans are falling into place and you are on the verge of launching your startup. All you need is funding.  Startup funding is important to the success of your business and plays a key role in […]

Business Loan Vs Investment- What Is The Best Option For You?

Business Loan Vs Investment- What Is The Best Option For You_

If you are starting a business or have been doing it for years, a question that you most probably have asked yourself is “should I get a business loan or look at’ investment?” The answer depends on several factors and such decisions can influence the future development of your business. This is a decision that […]

How To Approach A Venture Capitalist For Funding

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Any great idea can be converted into a successful company, but it needs the right support system. The support system consists of many factors. A company needs an enthusiastic team, a dedicated leader, and of course funds Many startups turn to venture capitalists (VC) as they can provide all three parts of the support system. […]

When Is Your Startup Ready To Apply For Funding

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Applying for funding as a startup seems to be the natural course of action. However, knowing if you are ready for funding is another matter. Investors need to know where your business is heading before they will even consider your startup for funding.  If an investor can see that your startup has a bright future, […]

10 Ways To Fund Your Small Business

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Starting your own business is an exciting journey. If you’re getting ready to take your idea, product or service to market you may find that it takes a surprising amount of time, effort and of course money to make it happen. So, you have put together your business plan and you’re ready to dive into the world […]