The Creator Economy Landscape – My World View

By Karen West-Whylie from Three Sixty Workrooms I am no expert I recognise that I am coming extremely late to the party, but I am bringing more than a bottle to it! I was reflecting as I looked around our amazing new space Three Sixty Workrooms which welcomes its first visitors next week. The creator economy […]

Hustle Culture Has no Future

Hustle Culture Has no Future HEADER

Hustle culture is a dominating force and a  bad habit that formed within the startup community. Most new startups have heard this story – people telling them that the recipe for success involves having no time for sleep, family, or fun- just work work work, grind, grind, grind.  We want to be clear: Hustle culture […]

Work Life Balance as a Freelancer

Work Life Balance as a Freelancer HEADER

Being a Freelancer comes with the freedom to set up your own working hours. As wonderful as this control over your work time can be, if you aren’t careful, you can easily find yourself either overworking or procrastinating, which isn’t great for work-life balance. How can you take charge of your work and your life […]

7 Ways to Overcome Perfectionism in Business

7 Ways to Overcome Perfectionism (and Fear) in Business

Being an entrepreneur, despite having the financial freedom, the liberty to manage your business decisions, and doing what you’re enthusiastic about, one obstacle that hinders an entrepreneur from enjoying these “perks” is perfectionism. However, as you’ll see, perfectionism can be the stumbling block to an entrepreneurs’ desired performance. Most perfectionists don’t even realize they’re one. They take […]

Tips on Pitching Your Business as a Startup or Freelancer

Tips on Pitching Your Business as a Startup or Freelancer HEADER

Pitching your startup concept to potential clients — or investors —  is critical to the success of your business. You may indeed have the most innovative and ground-breaking product or concept going, but if you cannot attract the right investor or get potential clients to buy into your business idea it will not take off. […]