Financial Inclusion: What does that mean?

The conversation around  diversity and inclusion is growing in importance across the globe, affecting many different sectors. With organisations looking to become more inclusive, and more stakeholders asking about inclusion practices, one of the most critical factors for them to consider is ensuring financial inclusion. Kofi Oppong, the founder of Urban MBA — a founding […]

Implementing Diversity is Easy as 1, 2, 3

Having an organisation that is conscious of diversity, inclusion and accessibility is an organisation that will strive.  According to the 2018 McKinsey report, ‘True Gen’: Generation Z and its implications for companies, Generation Z is conscious about the brands that they support, as they are the current buying force and those seeking employment. It is […]

How One Campaign is Tackling the Lack of Diversity in Gaming

The gaming industry has many things to offer to society. Entertainment, more job opportunities, exposure to new and different stories, and for some, a way to escape. What the gaming industry lacks, however, is diversity and inclusion.  Nigel Twumasi, is the co-founder of mayamada  (UK manga brand covering comics, gaming and youth engagement), and an […]

Don’t Underestimate Yourself as a Female Entrepreneur

Don’t Underestimate Yourself as a Female Entrepreneur HEADER

Being a woman means that the feeling of uncertainty as an entrepreneur in a male-dominated sector is all too familiar. As Oprah Winfrey said: “Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.” Any female entrepreneur should stand by this quote. Being a female means being […]

Startups Need to Know the Importance of a Diverse Team

Startups Need to Know the Importance of a Diverse Team HEADER

A survey done by Silicon Valley Bank, showed that less than a quarter (26%) of startups in the US, UK, and Canada are actively trying to increase diversity within their teams and the workplace.  If a workplace isn’t diverse or inclusive, it can create a hostile environment and contribute to a higher turnover. Not only […]

8 Ways to Ensure Your Startup is Diverse and Inclusive

8 Ways to Ensure Your Startup is Diverse and Inclusive Header

A diverse and inclusive startup reaches a wider market. Aside from that, there are several benefits of diversity and inclusion in a startup such as: Increased creativity Enhanced creativity Improved decision making and faster problem solving Increased profits Reduced employee turnover as a result of increased employee engagement Stronger organisational reputation Better hiring results The […]

World Menopause Day and the Awareness We Need to Create


 A conversation with Kate Usher – Menopause Coach and Change Strategist The 18th of October is World Menopause Day, founded to raise social consciousness about menopause and provide support to women who are experiencing menopause and perimenopause. Menopause is when a woman stops having periods and can no longer have children. As October is Menopause […]

Neurodiversity and the Way of Work in the Future

Neurodiversity and the Way of Work in the Future HEADER

Inclusion and diversity within a workplace is not just about race, culture, gender, and sexuality. We need to consider that people can be diverse in multiple ways, not all of them visible from the outside. There are many people living with neurological differences that can be understood, respected, accepted, and embraced. The work environment can […]