How Coliving Could Change The Housing Landscape in Europe

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Coliving is an affordable and flexible housing arrangement, which is steadily on the increase in Europe.  But what is it exactly?   There are two different types of coliving arrangements commonly found: 1. Several unrelated individuals would share a space. For  those who have lived in university dormitories in a communal space, this is a familiar […]

7 Reasons Why Teams Work Better in Coworking Spaces

Choosing where to have the headquarters of a company is a tough decision. When it comes down to it, no matter how big or small the company is, the workspace can make or break it.  No one likes spending long hours in an isolated workplace. Since the pandemic threw the world into disarray and the […]

15-Minute City: Gap for Shrewd Investors

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Velvet spoke to Laetitia Vitaud, director of Cadre Noir Ltd, about the 15-minute city concept. She explained that it is a residential urban concept, where residents should be able to reach most – if not all – facilities and amenities within a 15-minute walk or bicycle ride. The 15-minute city concept was popularised by Paris […]

Rural Coworking: Becoming An Even Bigger Need

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There have been a number of knock-on effects from the shift to location independent working.  As a consequence, coworking spaces are becoming more essential in the shift to this new way of working. And the industry is expected to get even bigger in the post-pandemic era. Those who have gained better job flexibility no longer […]