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Do you have a business idea but are unsure where to start? Or maybe you’re an aspiring entrepreneur

but need more guidance in the field? If so, this article is for you!

Urban MBA has always wanted to create an online course to teach future entrepreneurs the fundamentals of the industry. This has been in the pipeline for many years, and it has finally come to fruition with their brand-new offering: The Online Enterprise Course.

This 11-week online-only course is available to anyone looking to become well-versed in the world of entrepreneurship. The aim is to share knowledge on goal setting, understanding business cycles, learning problem-solving methodology, and helping individuals achieve the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.

The programme uses the same Urban MBA blended learning style replicated from their successful in-person courses. Urban MBA offers a non-traditional approach to education, where pop culture meets storytelling, life and vocational skills, creativity, and debate during their course.

Most importantly, the course is designed to be accessible to anyone. It can be completed by those who already lead busy lives but are striving to gain the knowledge and skills needed to make a success of their business aspirations.

How the course started

Since the inception of Urban MBA in 2016, there was always a plan to create an online offering teaching the fundamentals of entrepreneurship – it was one of the first things that Urban MBA Founder Kofi wrote down as his five-year plan for the programme.

Kofi wanted the course to reach a wider audience to benefit anyone looking to start their career or pivot their current trajectory.

When Kofi started the Urban MBA, online education was already worth more than £230 billion and predicted to grow by 10% by 2025. The pandemic has accelerated this growth; now, even traditional universities offer online courses.

Launching this online course has been a journey, but one totally worth the ride, particularly when you consider that anyone worldwide can sign up and gain access to the knowledge all entrepreneurs need to know.

The course is content rich with up to 600 hours of dedicated information educating future entrepreneurs on how to:

● Set clear goals

● Understand business cycles

● Learn problem-solving skills

● Achieve the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.

Who can complete the course?


If you’re interested in becoming an entrepreneur or already have a business idea but seek guidance, or even if you’re simply curious about gaining knowledge, then ‘The Online Enterprise Course’ is available for you to sign up.

Through research, Kofi and his team found the need for an online course of this magnitude. This is due to the fact that Generation Z is keen on completing online courses. And it also brought to light that people in the forty and upwards demographic are being made redundant and having to create their own businesses.

While they are willing to be entrepreneurial, they lack the knowledge needed to take their business idea to the next level (as many of them have been working in employee positions all their lives).

The course also tackles the growth of AI (artificial intelligence) and how this technology is taking over basic job functions, which affect many future fields and job security. Within this changing environment, it’s important for entrepreneurs to consider having a secondary business to supplement their income.

The benefits of the Online Enterprise Course

The online course is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide which explains the intricacies of entrepreneurship and what being a business owner entails.

Eight of the sections focus on creating a business idea, but more importantly, how to think and generate those ideas.

Another focus that the course deals with is transformative technologies which will shape our world in the next 20 years – these areas are where most future jobs lie.

The metaverse is a great example, with its growth predicted at £640 billion in the next five years. The saying “history repeats itself” is quite prominent in this example. Think about how the internet changed the world 20 odd years ago? It seems sure to happen again with the metaverse.

With regards to the metaverse ideas, interactive shopping seems to be the major game changer. Our course will help future entrepreneurs generate ideas not only on how to navigate this new area, but also how to create new ideas to keep their business relevant for many years to come.

A mindset geared towards using technology as an advantage is far more lucrative than someone unwilling to adapt, and the online course is geared to prepare entrepreneurs for these situations and adjust their business models to allow for new opportunities when technology comes into play.

The overall response to the course

So far, the course has received incredibly positive feedback from those enrolled. After the students completed the first part addressing mindsets, they usually responded along the lines of: “That is not at all what I expected.”  

Students have also said that it’s far more comprehensive than they thought it would be, with many saying the course has changed their outlook on the world of entrepreneurship.

This is a course that shouldn’t be taken lightly, as it explores depths that most courses don’t dare to touch. It is packed with information on life skills, adjusting mindsets, and everything else that an entrepreneur would need to know.

So far, word of the course has spread organically with students telling their friends – we all know word of mouth creates a great sense of trust.

Future plans for courses

Urban MBA is in the process of creating our one-year pilot – AKA ‘The education disrupter’ as Kofi calls it.

This is a one-year course for young, aspiring entrepreneurs and promises to bring to the forefront the competitive advantage they need in order to succeed. Urban MBA compares it to a traditional MBA course you could expect from Harvard but completed in one year instead of three.  

This online course will be developed into a more comprehensive programme containing similar content to a university degree, with its most significant benefit being that it’s an online course which can be easily updated.

Furthermore, it doesn’t have any restrictions that the traditional education system puts on upgrading course material and will be kept up to date.

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