The Creator Economy Landscape – My World View

By Karen West-Whylie from Three Sixty Workrooms

I am no expert I recognise that I am coming extremely late to the party, but I am bringing more than a bottle to it! I was reflecting as I looked around our amazing new space Three Sixty Workrooms which welcomes its first visitors next week.

The creator economy has rocked how content is produced, distributed, and consumed. In previous generations, content was mostly dictated or regulated by big companies.

Today, the content economy empowers both the creators and their consumers, no longer do we have to sit through a line-up of shows or scroll through limited or generalized content.

With the advent of the creator economy, consumers now choose what to watch, browse, read, or listen to wherever and whenever they want.

Content has also become incredibly sophisticated, enabling creators to capture niche audiences. It provides creators with countless opportunities to earn while doing what they love or producing content that aligns with their interests. It is becoming the disruptor in the existing system and is creating a unique economy that’s entirely self-built.

The evolution of the internet has diminished traditional media over time. From being a library of information, it has now evolved into a powerful resource for the various and diverse needs of billions of users. It has become a platform that people can all capitalise on to pursue and express their passions or to connect with a wide audience.

In the past, content production involved specialised equipment, expensive software, and elaborate sets. Nowadays, content can be produced using only basic audio or video equipment, shot in a remarkably simple setting.

This has opened the world to a decent phone and a vision and voila! we’re seeing more content from ordinary individuals— undeniably almost anyone can be a content creator. I get for some of us oldies this is taking ourselves out of our comfort zone, an opportunity to just get over yourself on seeing yourself on camera, hearing how you speak, all very awkward in the beginning! To be honest it doesn’t get better we just learn to get on with it.

There’s no denying that the creator economy has taken the world by storm. Even those who aren’t familiar with the term “creator economy” or “content economy” are likely to have encountered some iteration of it.

Here are some examples for those who feel this is not for them, if you have watched any YouTube videos lately or listened to a podcast in the last few weeks? Have you subscribed to someone’s channel? Then I hate to tell you this, but you are one of the iterations that support the creator economy.

So back to my first line and my comment about bringing more than a bottle to the party, we are about to bring forward a space to host the party! We are delighted to be bringing Three Sixty Workrooms to life, next week in fact.

If you are interested or just curious then you can find out more here at Three Sixty Workrooms, and if you want to join as one of our founding members we look forward to welcoming you!

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