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Importance of a Core Team

In order for a business to be run successfully it is important to bring together a group of individuals from different areas of the business to enhance the innovative process and drive creative solutions.  A business will need a core team.  

The core team of a business can help the business grow, scale and thrive in today’s competitive market. In order to ensure this, it is important to establish a clear vision and mission for the team to focus on.

This is the purpose of having a core team, but what are the benefits of having a core team? 

Benefits of a core team 

Building a core team within your business can have several benefits – both for the business and for the team itself. A major benefit to your business in establishing a strong core team is increased productivity.

In addition, with the increase in communication between team members on the core team comes an increase in cooperation and a greater understanding between the members. A diverse core team will be able to easily overcome obstacles together as they will be able to brainstorm ideas and innovate with the help of new perspectives. Here’s more information on how to build a diverse team.

Another benefit is the development of relationships. This bond creates a kinship and feeling of belonging which is a great basis on which to build a strong company culture. 

There are many benefits to having a core team but how do you go about forming a team for your own business?

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How to create your core team

There are several steps that need to be taken to form the ideal team for your business. The first step is deciding who would work best for the team. 

  1. Who would work best for the team

When forming a team, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the potential team members can help you to establish a balance between the members. It is important to decide who would work best for the team and establish the expectations of the team.

Essentially, one team member’s weakness could be another’s strengths. So it is important to have a clear understanding of these different traits and how they work together. 

Having a diverse team of individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, personalities, and opinions can add multiple perspectives. When there are multiple perspectives this can help increase innovation, creativity, and the brainstorming process. 

Another important aspect of developing a team is determining what the vision and mission for this team will be. When the members of the team are established, having a clear goal, vision and mission in place for the team to achieve will give them a clear target and focus from the beginning.  

Finding the right members for a core team can be a lengthy process. It is best to take it slow. Review your options and take your time with determining who works best for the team.  

That being said, simply having a vision and a mission might not be enough to ease the team into working together, especially if they have no prior working history. 

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  1. Form connections between the members

One of the benefits of having a team is having a group of individuals with different perspectives contributing to the development process. In order to achieve these benefits, communication must first be established. 

It is important that all team members feel respected and valued by each other and also by the leadership of your business. For a team to work optimally they should not be distracted by concerns about their relative worth to other members of the team. 

A sense of belonging within the core team will motivate team members to bring their A-game to future discussions. However, in order to implement this connection, there needs to be an aspect of emotional intelligence to help navigate the conversations to prevent any misunderstandings. 

  1. Reward not reprimand 

It is important to avoid micromanaging. . In the beginning a team will need some guidance to determine what the goal is, when it needs to be achieved, and whether the team needs training or additional resources to accomplish specific tasks. After the initial period though, the team should feel comfortable enough to work on their own without supervision.  

Having a supervisor who micromanages the team’s every action sends the message that you think the team is not trustworthy or capable of handling the given tasks. This can be demeaning and demotivate the team from wanting to achieve the goal. If members of the team do not understand how to achieve a task they can work through it together or ask for assistance – if they are not prevented from doing so. 

A better alternative would be to give your team some space and reward them for the tasks they accomplish. Financial reward is not the only motivating factor for employees, so seek to incentivise team members in ways that will inspire them to continue innovating. 

If the team or a team member does something that is not up to standard, don’t reprimand them. Giving criticism can be done in a way that can be constructive but also kind. Ask to talk to the team member privately and discuss what could have been done differently and let them express their perspective, as well. You may learn something you did not know, and reprimanding can be a demotivating process.  A shared commitment to the mission is a more solid basis for change. 

Forming a core team can be a great benefit to a business, it is a process that takes time and a transparent approach to communication. Being able to properly communicate with the team is essential when forming trust and respect. 

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